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If you wish to continue with the incredible opportunity to own <domain name> forever you can simply respond back to this email and we will send you the purchase agreement. If you wish to contact us; our direct phone number is: 213 900 1000, or you can email us at Usually we are in business meetings until about 130pm. Best times to call are between the hours of 2pm to 11pm Pacific Time in the US.

Below are some easy payment options for making your business dream come true. All payments are based on US dollars.
60 months equals just = $10,833.33 per month
50 months equals just = $13,000. per month
40 months equals = $16,250. per month
30 months equals = $21,666.66 per month
20 months equals = $32,500. per month
10 months equals = $65,000. per month

Your first payment establishes the date of the month in which you will be sending your payments. Your monthly payments will be due on that exact same date of each month. Payments can be made by standard PayPal, Wire Transfer, Zell banking network or by any major credit card that is listed within your PayPal account. We do not except credit card information. We will send you two payment reminders before each month’s due date. The first one will be sent to you 10 dates before payment is due and if not paid within the next 5 days a second message will be sent to you via text message. It is your responsibility to make your timely payments. Once your company has completed your business development; you have the option to pay their final balance in advance so you can take control of their hot business name within hours. At that point the lifetime money maker has started up.

If you wish you can also send us a custom suggested payment plan offer for what works best for you. Please keep your plan within 300 words. Once received it would be read and at least be considered by us. You can suggest anything you have in mind. A lot of new companies like the payment plan options as it provides them peace of mind knowing they have their great company name secured from competitors as they continue to develop their business site.

You can counter offer a price if you wish. Whatever you wish to offer should be somewhat close to the price we have stated. Your counter offer we will presented to our pricing department to consider. Keep on mind while counter offering that your favorite name is still being offered worldwide on a first come payment basis. Every business name we sell is a one of one. There are no other business names exactly like it.

If your budget is no where near what we quoted; you can email us whatever budget have and we will do the best we can to try and provide you some other great domain that would be more affordable for you within your budget price. Of course within reason. There is never a commitment to buy until you notify us that you are ready to buy.

THE PRICING STRUCTURE FOR OUR TOP QUALITY DOMAINS offers two types of pricing levels. All prices stated are based on US dollars. The “Top Level” is called Tier 1 with prices starting from $2950 and up. Then there is Tier 2 which contains a great selection of company names priced below $2950. The majority of domains within Tier 2 are priced between $1850 to $2450. There may also be a select few that could be priced below $1850. We sell super business names to super businesses to be.